Easy Company 506th

CURRAHEE! We Stand Alone Together!

Welcome to Easy Company 506th!

Welcome to Easy Company 506th! We are a Call of Duty: United Offensive clan based on the WWII group of heroes, Easy Company. Easy Company was a military company in WWII that fought in many of the major battles. They fought in Normandy, Bastogne, Carentan, Foy, Operation: Market Garden, and many more major WWII battles. Easy was a band of brothers, who stuck close to and looked out for each other throughout their entire tour of duty. They were responsible and fought with unbelievable courage and valor. This clan is based off those group of soldiers. We as one have come to know we are more than just a clan. We are Easy Company.

Welcome to the Band of Brothers.

We are a Call of Duty: United Offensive 1.4 clan.

Easy Company 506th Clan

This is the ORIGINAL Easy Company 506th clan 1.41 website this is the website were EC-506 started!!! This website was created by Former EC-506|Ldr.Seal on October 12, 2007 since then this website has been up and well remain up!!! CURRAHEE!!!